18-Year-Old Dog Gets Happy New Home

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Image: Julep and new owner 18-Year-Old Dog Gets New HomeJulep has lived a long and happy life. But when her owner died and the family couldn’t take her in, the…

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Were There Dogs on the Mayflower?

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Image: Mayflower istockphoto If you were on a voyage to a new land, would you want your dog’s companionship and protection? There’s solid evidence that some of the Pilgrims did.…

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Lista razze canine

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Lista razze canine A–C Affenpinscher[1]Afghan Hound[2]Aidi[3]Airedale Terrier[4]Akbash[5]Akita[6]Alano Español[7]Alapaha Blue Blood BulldogAlaskan huskyAlaskan Klee Kai[8]Alaskan Malamute[9]AlopekisAlpine Dachsbracke[10]American Bulldog[11]American BullyAmerican Cocker Spaniel[12]American English Coonhound[13]American Eskimo Dog[14]American Foxhound[15]American Hairless Terrier[16]American Pit Bull Terrier[17]American…

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